Who We Are

LGBT Youth Japan is a Tokyo based student organization established in 2013 to better educate Japanese youths on the subject of what LGBT support systems are currently employed by foreign countries.

What We Do

These lessons will be bolstered by an opportunity to join LGBT Youth Japan on the "LGBT Study Tour" which will be hosted in New York City during the summer of 2013. 


During this tour, LGBT Youth Japan will give Japanese youths a hands-on introduction to the LGBT support system currently in place in the U.S. This tour was especially exciting for us to organize because there recently have been dramatic changes in the social situation surrounding the LGBT community, one of the most notable being the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court declared Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. 


Although many differences exist between the Japanese and American LGBT origins, we believe that the American LGBT support system can serve as a good stepping stone for Japanese youths to take back to Japan and employ in their communities in order to help Japan as a whole come one step closer to becoming a modern, LGBT friendly society. 

<LGBT Tour in NY 2013> -08/30/2013-09/11/2013 in NYC, U.S. -Visiting, having meeting, and doing volunteer work at LGBT related groups, NPOs, university centers and companies in NYC -We are lokking for

<LGBT Tour in New York, 2013>

-08/30/2013-09/11/2013 in NYC, U.S.
-Activities include: going to visit, having meetings with, and doing volunteer work for LGBT related groups, non-profit organizations, university centers and other support network companies in New York City.


We are always looking for more LGBT related groups, NPOs, and companies in NYC that we can involve in our tour. If you wish to join the tour, or if you have any information regarding any possible groups that wish to be a part of the tour, please feel free to contact us!



Contact:         Maki Kosaka, NY Program Cordinator         kosaka004@gmail.com



Our Goal

Help guide Japan towards becoming "A society whose members embrace diversity and being unique; where everyone can accept and love each other for who they really are inside."

To achieve this goal, we provide as many opportunities as possible for Japanese youths that enable them to take action and make real, positive changes that have an impact on society, for a better tomorrow.